The Harvest is nearly here...

The PumpKingz are being summoned on October 22nd, 1pm EST to celebrate all of those who are willing to take risks for ethereal rewards.

The PumpKingz are a collection of 6,666 uniquely generated Pumpkin based avatars living on the Ethereum blockchain.


Unique PumpKingz NFTs

0.0444 ETH

Fair launch project

The PumpKing Patch

Owning a PumpKing gives you access to "The Patch", which is a “Members Only” area that will allow users to collaborate and network with like minded individuals to share ideas and NFT alpha.

Unique Mints

All 6,666 PumpKingz are programmatically generated to ensure that no PumpKingz looks alike. Each is a unique 1/1 art piece that lives on the Ethereum blockchain.

Inclusive Rewards

Every PumpKing holder is entitled to additional benefits through the roadmap and future project rollouts.

Summon Your PumpKing



Free airdrop to 10 holders + 1 ETH Giveaway


Merch drop + 5 ETH sent to Community Wallet


Companion Airdrop and KingzDAO development begins


Development of "The Patch" +5 ETH sent to Community Wallet


Development of Staking mechanisms to allow for minting of Gen 2 and Roadmap 2.0 build out

PumpKing Patch Lords


Cofounder / Operations Management


Cofounder / Project Manager

Zach Dugger

Artist, badass



Frequently Asked Questions

When is the release date?

PumpKingz will release on October 22nd, 2021 at 1pm EST (5pm UTC)

How many PumpKingz are there and how much will they cost to mint?

A total of 6,666 unique PumpKingz will be available at launch and will be priced at 0.0444 Eth

Do holders get commercial rights?

Absolutely! Holders get commercial rights of their own PumpKing but do not have IP over the PumpKingz brand as a whole.

Where is the contract?

The contract link will be provided shortly before the launch. It can be found here when that happens.

When will the reveal be?

The reveal will be instant immediately after launch.